CD, LP & DVD etc.

CD six pack

CD is new vinyl. As far as I know thetre is less than 50 pcs of Humppakäräjät CD available. So thats why it is not included in this value pack any more.

10 sets available.

Order with e-mail = get free shipping (to Finland and other EU countries). PayPal will add automatically 3 € shipping costs if your order is under 23 €.

Price: 19€

Rare CD triple pack

1st print of Humppasirkus with picture booklet by Andrea Neumann, German print of  Humppamarathon/Humppa till we die 200 and the first live CD.

10 sets available, 6 sold by 23.6. Free shipping everywhere.

Price: 35€

Sekoilun ytimessä DVD

Old cover on the left, new on the right. More than 4 hours of humppa.

Selling out!

  • 30 live-songs
  • all videos released before 2001
  • 8 karaoke songs
  • 4 short films
  • fitless gym
  • Onni’s keyboard special
  • the core of sekolation
  • the whole uncensored pre history

Price: 26€

Humppainfarkt 10″

This was made for sale at concerts only but as I have some left and all people can not attend the rare shows so here we go, a ltd. time available here too.

The print was 500 but about 80 pcs were crappy so the actual print to be sold after the freebies was less than 400 pcs.

Songs on this great artifact were released also on Humppamania 2CD compilation (2018) and this is the vinyl release, even if the sound quality is very bad for various reasons,  of these musical gems:

  • Humpparinkeli
  • Humppa haisee
  • Humppahoitola
  • Humppasafari
  • Nuori poika
  • Humppareseptihumppa

Sadly, this is so big item that if you like to order this you must add to your order a proper PACKET SHIPPING FEE

Price: 20€

Humppamania 2 CD

40 greatest hits!
6 new songs!
+ Päivätanssit Humpfonia! live with Kuopio City Orchestra

Deliveried with the original Humpfonia! concert program (4 page A5).

Price: 17,50€

Humppa of Finland CD

Pre order. Out 21.4.2017. Includes 19 new songs with many special guests.

Price: 17,50€

Humppakalmisto CD


  • Comes with a postcard and maybe something else
  • we also recommend the Nordic Notes web shop in Germany for this.

Price: 18€

Humppabingo 2CD (2009)

  • 48 track compilation of the best Finnish humppa and some rare songs from odd tribute albums.
  • Nice booklet about our history in Finnish and English
  • Includes the Eurovision song Hulluna humpasta.
  • Price includes worldwide shipping

Price: 21€

Pahvische (2002)

  • 2nd print with Nordic Notes as German release partner
  • Cover layout slightly different than in original print

Price: 10€

Humppaelämää (2003)

  • Later print with Nordic Notes and not so dark cover as the first cover layout

Price: 10€

Humppasirkus (2006)

  • Later Stupido/Nordic Notes release NN037, TWINCD 79 without booklet

Price: 10€

Humpapörriäinen EP

5 song special tour EP not to be available in record shops in Finland but will be out in Germany 20.10. If you live in Germany please order the EP from Nordic Notes.

EP includes 5 new songs: 500 Humppaa, Humppavenus, Humppakarkulainen, Humppamarkkinat and Humppajaiset. 


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